2008 – 2010


The appropriation photo project

Digital Photography

30 photos 50X50 cm each (size and material may vary)






At the heart of the series is the principle of “the dressing-room”. The author “has tried on” images of favorite artists. Then he created posters, supplemented by font branding image. Next, the artist placed the posters in an urban area (Warsaw, Minsk, Moscow, Berlin) and did another shot. The series exists in the form of photo-documentation as a series of posters. The project was created as the comment against the methods of design, which often ruthlessly exploits the semantic and visual techniques developed in the fine arts. This whole process is aimed at a single general result – the analysis of relationships and the irony at relationship between design and art.



































































List of works:

in alphabetical order


Abramovic, Berlin, Germany, 2009

Ader, Novopolotsk, Belarus, 2009

Baldessari, Minsk, Belarus, 2008

Barney, Minsk, Belarus, 2009

Buren, Berlin, Germany, 2009

Calle, Minsk, Belarus, 2009

Cardiff, Minsk, Belarus, 2009

Cattelan, Minsk, Belarus, 2008

Chapman, Minsk, Belarus, 2009

Duchamp, Minsk, Belarus, 2009

Gilbert & George, Berlin, 2009

Goldin, Minsk, Belarus, 2009

Golub, Leipzig, Germany, 2009

Hirst, Moscow, Russia, 2009

Kabakov, Moscow, Russia, 2009

Klein, Minsk, Belarus, 2009

Kruger, Berlin, Germany, 2009

Malevich, Berlin, Germany, 2008

Mapplethorpe, Warsaw, 2009

Newman, Minsk, Belarus, 2009

Noland, Minsk, Belarus, 2009

Quinn, Minsk, Belarus, 2009

Richter, Minsk, Belarus, 2009

Rothko, Moscow, Russia, 2009

Sherman, Minsk, Belarus, 2009

Tillmans, Minsk, Belarus, 2009

Wearing, State Palace of Arts, Minsk, Belarus, 2009





The work was displayed at the exhibitions:

2013, Artist/Collector in Belarus, Y Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

2012, Banners and Diaries, parallel program of the festival Artisterium’5, Literary Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia

2010, Oil Painting, Y Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

2009, The Crowd Philosophy. Belarusian Neo-Pop Art, Y Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

2009, The Belarusian Hall 53 Venice Biennale, Belexpo, Minsk, Belarus

2009, Reflexionen, Raskolnikow Gallery, Dresden, Germany