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The video features the representatives of Belarusian culture: artists, curators, owners of galleries, poets propagating notions connected with contemporary art. Everybody is wearing balaclavas; it may be the desperate gesture aiming at attracting the viewer’s attention to concepts of contemporary art. Video was conceived as humourous ending to the individual exhibition in Homel (Belarus). Due to the terrorist attack in metro in Minsk in 2011, the public video presentation was not realised and the projection one year later lost its ironic component, becoming the impulse for realisation of major multimedia project Art Aktivism, in which the representatives of different countries demonstrate their own manifesto.



The work was displayed at the exhibitions:

2013, Manifest in the Presence of the Viewer, Azgur Museum, Minsk, Belarus

2012, Hole Mole, Aula Gallery, Poznan, Poland

2012, inSpiracje International Art Festival, Szczecin, Poland

2012, Banners and Diaries, parallel program of the festival Artisterium’5, Literary Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia

2012, Young Belarusian Art, the main program of the Festival of Private Collections, flat Mr. Simon Mraz, Moscow, Russia

2012, The Radius оf Zero. The Ontology оf Art-Zero, Horizon Plant, Minsk, Belarus

2011, The Journey to the East, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAK), Krakow, Poland

2011, The Journey to the East, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, Poland

2011, The Journey to the East, Polish Institute, Kiev, Ukraine

2011, Im Osten Viel Neues (J // K // M // W)Gallery of the Polish Institute, Dusseldorf, Germany