13 banners







A series of banners, prepared specially for the exhibition «Vis-a-Vis. Actual dialoques». The banners is the reaction to the works of six other participants. After analyzing other people’s works the artist has identified the main author’s ideas and “fix” them on the drawing banners. As a result, on the one hand, he removes and appropriates the thoughts of others, on the other hand, he “mimics” with them.

The image of the banner is here a metaphor of art as a public statement. It is important to note that at least two ladies can wear and stretch the cloth-made banners. It perfectly illustrates the main idea of the exhibition – a dialogue. In its turn, other participants of the exposition agreed to be photographed with the author and designed banners. The photos in the form of wooden panels (strongly reminiscent of memorial plaques) were also included in the exposition. The whole installation, thus “preserves” other people’s ideas and summarizes the exhibition.

At the same time it is a direct borrowing of the language of politics. Belarusian audience often regarded harmless banners as compromising and political. Later, the artist began to use the form of banners actively.







In the photo: top / left to right

 with Olga Sazykina, with Mona Jas, with Alexey Lunev and Zhanna Gladko

bottom / left to right 

with Ulrike Mohr, with Thorsten Streichardt, with Mikhail Gulin and Antonina Slobodchikova





The work was displayed at the exhibition:

2010, Vis-a-Vis. Actual Dialoges, Y Gallery, Minsk, Belarus