Group show and curatorial project


08 – 22.03.2013

Warsztaty Kultury, Lublin, Poland


Curators: Valentina Kiseliova, Anna Chistoserdova, Sergey Shabohin

Artists: Mihail Gulin, Alexey Lunev, Daniil Parniuk, Sergey Shabohin




Work: Sergey Shabohin presented video Art Terrorism 







Work of four Belarusian visual artists bring about the reflection upon the current political, economic, cultural and social situation in Belarus. Artists propose different artistic strategies as: sarcasm, documentalism, artism, mythologisation, situationalism. One of the most important themes is freedom of speech in the public space, answer to the question: where does the personal comfort of private territory end and the entrance into public sphere begins.

The combination of self-irony and critical view on the reality are the characteristic features of Belarusian contemporary art. As a part of independent culture, it is associated chiefly with “ghetto” or “partisan culture”. HOLE MOLE project shows the process of attempting to break free from the isolation imposed by operating underground.