Group show



14 – 30.07.2015

Y Gallery, Minsk, Belarus



Curator: Vera Zalutskaya

Artists: Alena Haiduk, Alesia Zhitkevich Alexei Naumchik, Eugene Romashov, Olga Sosnovskaya, Anton Sarokin, Alexei Tolstov, Sergey Shabohin, Yaugen Shadko




Work: Sergey Shabohin presented project Depending on the Path (Choice)


Sergey Shabohin, Depending on the Path (Choice), 2009 – 2016






The exhibition “Measurements of Emptiness” is organized as a part of the art project «ART-SOC-Lab» by the art laboratory «Radius» of the European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus (ECLAB).

The collapse of the communist era caused a sense of uncertainty and the lack of something important in Eastern Europe. In Belarus this feeling is still in the air. This all has led to the spread of the metaphorical image of a vacuum and emptiness in which we all live as within the country as in the West. Indeed, due to the absence of any clear and consistent ideology as well as common values and political alternative, the Belarusians have to live in a state unclear understanding of what is allowed and what is not. At home this situation leads to the escape from reality, from the system, from the daily issues and inconveniences to the own «comfort zone», to the perception of their own problems without the need for action (which is «impossible»).

What is there, when there is nothing? This exhibition is a reflection upon the urgency of the problem, as well as its discursive dimension. When we say that there is nothing, there is already something. In the gallery rooms one can see the archive of works of Belarusian artists (starting from the 90s), which thematically or formally touch upon the problems of emptiness. Archives and the moment fixation are useful for analysis and evaluation of the considered phenomenon. At the same time, the works of young artists, created mainly specially this exhibition will help to localize the display of emptiness and look for the answer to the question to whom it belongs and if it is the problem of all citizens or only a specific myth of the intellectual elite. The exhibition will be a attempt to activate the emptiness, to research and study it, as well as to overcome it.