International Festival



17 – 20.09.2015


Part of the ART PROSPECT festival

Yarky Hostel & Space, Novorossiyskaya street, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Сurator: Lizaveta Matveeva

Artists of the festival: group 705, group Bouillon, media-art laboratory CYLAND, project Elastic City, group Flux FactoryKendal Henry, Jess Hirsch, group/gallery PARAZIT, project pro_spectus (Andrei Dureika, Igor Savchenko, Sergey Shabohin), creative manufactory P.T.H., group SEVER–7, group Trial Version, group Gorod Ustinov




Work: Sergey Shabohin presented public-art site-specific installation ST()RE #7. Gold Censorship (from the project ST()RE)


Sergey Shabohin, ST()RE #7. Gold Censorship (from the project ST()RE), Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2015



The project pro_spectus consists of three individual works by Belarusian artists:

Sergey Shabohin – Gold Censorship (ST()RE #7)2015

Andrei Dureika  Punctuation, 2015

Igor Savchenko – Attempts at Connotative Translation, 2015





Andrei Dureika, Igor Savchenko, and Sergey Shabohin are not a group in the classical sense of that term, but will nevertheless present three projects at Art Prospect. The three projects have the joint title ‘pro_spectus’ (from the Latin prospicere), meaning ‘view of the future’, ‘view of development’, ‘planning the future’, ‘project prospect’. The realized project is an attempt to collaborate by three independent Belarussian artists who not only work separately, but at the time when they were creating the project, were living in different countries (a situation which is becoming typical of today’s art scene).

The three projects (Attempts at Connotative Translation, Punctuation, and Gold Censorship) likewise have in common the linear character in which they are laid out along Novorossiyskaya street. The works have been translated into a horizontal plane, with each plane continuing the form delineated by its neighbour: phrases inscribed in the asphalt in the case of Igor Savchenko, red dots in the case of Andrei Dureika, and in the case of Sergey Shabohin the continuation of these dots and a horizontal display showing artefacts commemorating place and people.