2009 – now



2 showcases, plywood, glass, metal, pattern, filling with different materials, inscriptions

First version in Y Gallery collection, Minsk, Belarus






The project consists of three showcases. Each showcase is divided into one hundred cells. Each cell is assigned the number-year. The first “table”, representing the XX century, is divided intoВ  years: from 1901 to 2000, the second – XXI century – from 2001 to 2100, the third – XXII – from 2101 to 2200. In each cell the author placed the pieces of works created by the artists who died in that particular year. For example, Marcel Duchamp died in 1968. He is presented by a piece of porcelain urinal. The piece of blue monochrome canvases by Yves Klein (1962), a cut off rabbit foot, a piece of felt hat and wax by Boys (1986), etc. Thus, the author filled all the cells up to the year of 2012. From 2012 till 2100 the cells are empty. Consequently, the first showcase is full, the second is filled partially and the last is empty. The work demonstrates that nothing is left, the artists are dead, their works are cut into pieces, there is blank emptiness ahead, which inspires, while frightening. These tables contain allusion to the archaeological exhibits and the Christian shrines with the relics of the saints (hence the name Reliquary). Of importance is the subjective choice of authors, which is influenced by Western arts schools, including those in Belarus.






The work was displayed at the exhibitions:

2009, The Belarusian Hall 53 Venice Biennale, Belexpo, Minsk, Belarus

2009, Red Corner, the main program of the festival Artvilnius’09, Vilnius, Lithuania