Group show



27.01 – 10.03.2012

EFA Project Space, New York, USA



Curator: Olga Kopenkina

Artists: Project Antibrainwash, Nikita Kadan, Alexander Komarov, Denis Limonov (and group Lipovy Cvet), Marina Naprushkina, Ales Pushkin, Sergey Shabohin, Yauheni Shadko, Lena Soulkovskaia, Oleg Yushko and group Fau




Works: Sergey Shabohin presented installation Practice of Subordination


Sergey Shabohin, Practice of Subordination, EFA Project Space, New York, USA, 2012







«Sound of Silence: Art During Dictatorship», the first exhibition in New York City to survey the powerful activities coming from a generation of Belarusian artists who have endured seventeen years of autocratic rule.

«Sound of Silence» presents videos, posters, installations and paintings by nine of the most active artists and collectives from Belarus. These artists create work in solidarity with recent popular protest in Belarus, using their practice to challenge the status quo and contribute to the democratic movement, which expands far beyond their native land.