Public-art installation




#8 part of the project ST()RE

Installation, 40 posters

International public art festival Art Prosрect, Gareyev Botanical Garden, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Metal, welding, glass, wood, stones, peat, slate, exotic plants, digital printing



Sergey Shabohin, «ST()RE #8. Reconstruction of the Orangery (Greenhouse of Glasnost)»Gareyev Botanical Garden, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 2017





The Internet is filled with news about the reconstruction of the old Gareev Botanical Garden in Bishkek and the struggle for its territory; about the wild decisions of deputies and illegal logging in Kyrgyzstan, etc. But the main thing is this news about the birth and consolidation of environmentalists, urbanists, cultural workers and other members of the public. For Sergey Shabohin, this greenhouse installation is an image of the park and the situation around it. An image of how the wildness of nature must oppose the wildness of politics and economics. The image of the greenhouse, which still grows exotic ideas of citizenship, as they begin to strengthen and break out.


A greenhouse is a reduced copy of a orangery built in a botanical garden in the 1960s and located in an emergency. Posters depicting plants from a greenhouse are pasted on the inside, on which fragments of articles from the Internet are layered, telling a variety of dramatic stories around the park and the greenery of Bishkek: on illegal logging, on the crisis of the scientific center, on garbage, on initiatives and consolidation, on festivals and public involvement, etc. The installation is integrated into the Botanical Garden. The viewer, thinking that the posters contain information about plants, is confronted with the history of the emergence of civil society in Bishkek around the catastrophic situation with the ecology of the city.






Fragments of posters:

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