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Photo project, installation


Concept: Sergey Shabohin

Project director: Dr. Thomas Wohlfahrt

Project leader: Alexander Filyuta

Project coordination: Heide Schürmeier






— poet: Sabine Scho, Deutschland, 2013



47 Poets from 47 European countries share their thoughts on the question «what’s the point of poetry?» in 47 photos. They’ve created slogans that comment on the state of culture and society in their countries while also keeping poetry in focus. This June at the Berlin Poetry Festival (poesiefestival berlin), their very diverse poetic messages and points of view will be assembled in an exhibition. The photos are demonstrations and acts of solidarity at the same time. There has never been such an exhibition before. It offers the unique opportunity of bringing the variety of European voices and moods together in one place.



— poet: Alexandru Vakulovski, Moldawien, 2013



With contributions by: Arian Leka (Albania), Teresa Colom (Andorra), Gevorg Gilants (Armenia), Sophie Reyer (Austria), Nijat Mammadov (Azerbaijan), Volha Hapeyeva (Belarus), Xavier Roelens (Belgium), Senadin Musabegović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Mina Stoyanova (Bulgaria), Ivan Herceg (Croatia), Constantinos Papageorgiou (Cyprus), Ondřej Buddeus (Czech Republic), Martin Glaz Serup (Denmark), Sabine Scho (Germany), Joanna Ellmann (Estonia), Harri Hertell (Finland), Fabienne Yvert (France), Paata Shamugia (Georgia), Yannis Stiggas (Greece), Petra Szőcs (Hungary), Máighréad Medbh (Ireland), Kristín Ómarsdóttir (Iceland), Claudio Pozzani (Italy), Maria Vilkoviskaya (Kazakhstan), Sergey Moreino (Latvia), Hansjörg Quaderer (Liechtenstein), Laurynas Katkus (Lithuania), Luc Spada (Luxembourg), Keith Borg (Malta), Nikola Madzirov (Macedonia), Alexandru Vakulovski (Moldavia), Tanja Bakić (Montenegro), Tsead Bruinja (Netherlands), Cornelius Jakhelln (Norway), Patryk Zimny (Poland), José Mário Silva (Portugal), Svetlana Cârstean (Romania), Stanislav Lvovsky (Russia), Leif Holmstrand (Sweden), Michael Fehr (Switzerland), Dragana Mladenović (Serbia), Martin Solotruk (Slovakia), Aleš Šteger (Slovenia), Martí Sales (Spain), Ömer Erdem (Turkey), Sabrina Mahfouz (UK) and Ostap Slyvynsky (Ukraine).



Exhibition Wozu Poesie?, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany, 2013






The work was displayed at the exhibitions:

2013, Wozu Poesie?, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany

2013, Wozu Poesie?, The Frankfurter Buchmesse 2013, Frankfurt, Germany

2013, Wozu Poesie?, Galerie KUB, Leipzig, Germany