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Discussions, lections and conferences with the artist:
2017 CallAction Charity Art Auction to Help Syrians (auction); Bialystok, PolandArtist talk with Sergey Shabohin (lection and presentation); Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Saint Petersburg, RussiaArtist talk with Sergey Shabohin (lection and presentation); Sreda Space, Saint Petersburg, RussiaPust* (presentation); part of festival «Work hard! Play Hard! Transmission», Minsk, Belarus
2016 ST()RE (lection); Y Gallery, Minsk, BelarusST()RE (elective course of 10 lectures); Y Gallery, Minsk, BelarusArtist talk with Sergey Shabohin (lection and presentation), organization: AJZ space; The Club, Yerevan, ArmeniaKalektar (lection); Belarusian Humanities Lyceum of Yakub Kolas, Minsk, Belarus
2015 Photo + (elective course of 3 lectures); Photo School, Minsk, BelarusPolitical Breakfast (discussion); Intimate Place, Saint Petersburg, RussiaZBOR (presentation and tour of the exhibition); Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, Poland2014 Defining the Coordinate System: Artistic Research in the Context of Visual Rotation (a series of lectures and teaching); LitPro, Vilnus, LithuaniaThe Transformation of the Theme of Sexual / Gender Identity in Art Practices in Different Cultural Contexts (lection and discussion); Balki, Minsk, BelarusAt the Forefront of Avant-Garde: Contemporary Art and Cult Media (lection and discussion); 34mag.net, Minsk, BelarusProtest. Culture. Policy.
2014 (discussion and presentation); Center for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin, Germany2013 Behind the Screen of Tractor Plant (elective course of 10 lectures); Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Minsk, BelarusWozu Poesie? (discussion and presentation); The Frankfurter Buchmesse
2013, main programm, Frankfurt, GermanyProtest. Culture. Politics. (seminar); Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Berlin, GermanyBelarussian Conemporary Art (lection and presentation); Grodzka Gate Centre, Lublin, Poland
2012 Contemporary Art and New Mass Media in Belarus (discussion); anti-cafe Fisher House, Minsk, BelarusSound of Silence (discussion); Austrian Cultural Forum, New York, USAMade іn Belarus (discussion); Y Gallery, Minsk, BelarusArt and the Pressure of Power: Belarusian Variant (discussion); Y Gallery, Minsk, Belarus. Posted in Open Space (online) RussiaMetabolism of Painting Space personal exhibition of Sergey Kiriuschenko (project presentation and discussion); Y Gallery, Minsk, BelarusWhy I Gave Up Academy of Arts? (lection and discussion); Academy of Art, Minsk, Belarus
2011 A Pair of Art (presentation and discussion); Center for Contemporary Art, Vitebsk, BelarusArt and the Found Object (discussion); Y Gallery, Minsk, BelarusArt and Time, lecture in 2 parts (lection); Y Gallery, Minsk, BelarusArt Aktivist (presentation and lection); Institute of Modern Knowledge, Minsk, Belarus
2010 ST()RE (presentation and lection); Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland106 Women Artists (lection in 2 parts); Y Gallery, Minsk, Belarus
2009 The Crowd Philosophy. Belarusian Neo-Pop Art (project presentation and discussion); Y Gallery, Minsk, BelarusFeatures Pop Art in Belarus (discussion); Y Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

Cooperation with cinema, theater, musicians, writers and other:
2018 Spectacle Bel Dream Show (artist of the play), Theater of Belarusian Drama, Minsk, Belarus  / director: Sarah Tokina
2009 Vermes (scenography and poster), Schaubude Theater, Berlin, Germany  / directors: Evgeny Korniag and Svetlana Ben’
2008 Spectacle Kys’ (scenography and poster), Officers’ House, Minsk, Belarus  / director: Ekaterina AverkovaSilver Wedding band (posters), Minsk, Belarus 2007 Spectacle Not Dance (poster), Academy of Arts, Minsk, Belarus  / director: Evgeny KorniagSpectacle Infinitely (artist of the play), Academy of Arts, Minsk, Belarus  / director: Evgeny Korniag2006 Nagual band (logo and design of an album), Minsk, Belarus

Works in collections:
Since 2017 Displacement Zone (Shadow of Freedom) (2017, site specific installation), within Paradzhanov Festival, Suputnik place, Lviv, UkraineST()RE #8, installation (2017, site specific installation) for Gareyev Botanical Garden, Bishkek, KyrgyzstanSince 2013 And There is Nothing Left (2009, 4 photo, version on wooden beams), Kiryl Kalbasnikau (privat collection), Minsk, BelarusChanel Handbag, part ST()RE #1 (object, single copy, 2010), Alexey Lunev (private collection), BelarusUntitled (single copy, 2013), Zhanna Gladko (private collection), BelarusSince 2012 ST()RE #1 and #2 (2 showcases with objects, 11 prints), Collection II, Arsenal Gallery (museum collection), Bialystok, PolandConsumer (single copy, 2012), Zhanna Gladko (private collection), BelarusChanel Handbag, part ST()RE #1 (print 1/10, 2010), Pavel Preobrazhensky (private collection), BelarusSince 2010 Original / Copy (single copy, 2010), Y Gallery (gallery collection), Minsk, BelarusFor a True Copy (single copy, 2010), Alexey Lunev (private collection), BelarusSince 2009 Reliquary XX-XXI (first version, 2009), Y Gallery (gallery collection), Minsk, Belarus