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Fear of Castration:


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For group exhibition We Will Not Change Our Show, Brno House of Art, Brno, Czech

Includes fragment of cycle Zones of Repression

Total installation 
Fear of Castration:
Brno House of Art,
Brno, Czech,

The installation is devoted to the fears of the dominant official culture and ideology, both in Poland and in Belarus; their horror of the ‘filth’ of the LGBT subculture. The photographs show the interiors of gay clubs and bars in Warsaw. The installation sets the specific aesthetic dialect of ‘dark rooms’ against the sterile, patriarchal dominant culture, which, according to the artist, should stop being scared of the aesthetics of the margins, and in this way overcome the titular ‘fear of castration’.

The labyrinth includes the installation Zones of Repression. Like in other countries, gay men in Belarus leave their messages on the walls of public toilets. However in Belarus all public spaces, including toilets, are cleaned until they shine. Therefore, people write messages to each other with small inconspicuous letters on the fugues between the tiles. The installation presents a collection of these hidden inscriptions, that are not only proposals of sexual nature; subcultural remarks, political opposition statements, and expressions of homophobic and racist aggression can also be found among them.

This installation is an image of public space in Belarus: everything that differs from the norms is pushed into the hidden zones. These seams, according to the authorities, are covered with mud, but for the artist they are a symbol of freedom. Let all the tiles be cleaned until they shine, let all the abnormal statements be pushed to the seams - in the end we see the grid as an image of direct social ties, and as a skeleton of society.

Fragment of cycle
Zones of Repression