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Practices of
ID: C4

Since 2011 

Mobile author collection of objects of fear. Art-research total archive.

Totality archive: the total author’s collection, photographs, documentation of actions, video, objects etc.

Graphic panel 
Practices of Subordination.

Sergey Shabohin’s personal project, Practices of Subordination methodically and meticulously analyses mechanisms of power. Since 2010, the artist has collected and documented stories about everyday events in Belarus, a testimony of deliberate, forceful interference of the state in the life of its citizens. Within his social circle and in the public space of Minsk capital city, Shabohin finds trivial, mundane objects and images which are a reminder of what happened or a reference to the ideological regime. The artist himself sees them as evidence of the ever-invigilating and punitory order. He organizes the collected materials – text documents, images, photos, objects – as an archive. From that, he builds a poignant narrative on state structures oppressive pressure on citizens in modern Belarus.

Lena Prents: Sergey Shabohin: Archive-Museum-Laboratory

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